Interview with Colorado Killer’s Biological Father

Here’s a CBS 8 interview with Aaron Brink, father of alleged Club Q gunman

This guy is a fucking lunatic but it also shows us multiple failure points in this event.

  1. The kid was arrested for a bomb threat a year ago and yet he still had access to weapons.
  2. His family.
  3. Conservative and Republican ideology, especially white ideology.

Just my opinion but it looks like he’s an addict as well. This is one of the perfect examples of why we need to help the homeless, because most of them grew up with people/parents like him and they are acting out as a result. Then you add the grandfather who’s a republican senator in California, also Mormon and probably has the same perspective.

This is the environment this kid grew up in and it’s situations like this where I don’t support ANY gun ownership and men specifically. Men don’t have the emotional intelligence to manage a gun and especially those with a conservative ideology.